Paint Correction Specialist
Recondition Specialist
SB3 Trinity Certified Ceramic Coating Installer
SB3 Certified Ceramic Coating Installer
Owners Pride Certified Ceramic Coating Installer
SystemX Certified Ceramic Coating Installer

*All 5 Star customer ratings
*Fully Licensed & Insured

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SB3 top shelf ceramic and detailing supplies used.

Full Warranties lasting up to LIFETIME!

“Detailing worth putting my name on”

My name is Taylor Clabaugh. I am a huge car enthusiast that loves all brands. Besides modifying vehicles, my next favorite thing to do is detailing cars. Nothing calms me down more and clears my head then detailing a car. I have been detailing on and off for about 10 years now. We specialize in Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating. I am not the cheapest shop in town but stand behind my work and abilities to put my name on everything I do. I pride myself in that. We are a brick-and-mortar business but offer mobile de. Please see below, services offered, and also at the bottom we have links to our social media accounts - providing photos of customer vehicles completed, and other promotions and specials we offer.

SB3 Coatings

Certified Surface Specialist and Ceramic Installer for SB3.

-Coatings are backed by 3rd party warranty
- 5+ year coatings are added to vehicle’s Carfax
- Below are offered coating services

Paint Surface Options:

Solo (1yr coating)
Omega (2yr coating)
Thirty-Three (3yr coating)
Alpha (5yr coating)
Almega (7yr coating)

Auto Options:

Motorcycle “Moto” (3yr coating)
RV Coating (3yr coating)
Boat “Marine” (3yr coating)
Powersports (3yr coating)


Vortex “Wheel” (2yr coating)
Hyde “Leather” (1yr coating)
Optic “Glass” (2yr coating)
Fiber “Interior” (2yr coating)
Industrial (2yr coating)

TC Detailing “The Polish King”

I have created a website to show some photos of my work, and also give a list of services I offer. TC Detailing was the given name, but I have had quite a few friends/customers call me the “polish king” and it just kind of stuck as a nickname. The business came about from a car enthusiast with a hobby, and turned into something that I love more every day.

About me:

My name is Taylor Clabaugh (TC) I am a PA native; grew up in Hanover PA. I just purchased a house in Spring Grove, which allows me to detail out of my garage (Insulated/Heated) I am married to a wonderful woman, Jennifer. We have 4 crazy doggos. We are expecting our first child in May. My hobbies include sports, golf, cars, bikes, and cleaning cars. This has always been a hobby of mine, and figured mid as well turn it into something a little more professional and official. This business for me, is a stress reliever, and a relaxer. Nothing beats turning on some tunes, grabbing some towels, and cleaning up a vehicle. From my family to you, we appreciate your business.

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3529 Hardwood Terrace, Spring Grove PA, 17362

We appreciate your business!

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